Scientific Platform

Novoheart, a subsidiary wholly-owned by Medera, is responsible for Disease Modelling & Drug Discovery using our proprietary mini-Life Platform which consists of multiple bioengineered human mini-Organs such as the heart and liver.

World’s first and only
self-functioning human
mini-Heart Technology

mini-Life Platform

Pharmaceutical pipelines are drying up; major bottlenecks for drug discovery and development are

  • Common animal models such as mice, are poor predictors of human responses, especially for human-specific conditions that do not exist in animals. These human-specific diseases can be hereditary, lifestyle-based or both
  • Drug side effects in the human heart are a leading cause of drug failures even for non-cardiac medications (e.g., drug-induced cardiomyopathy for certain cancer drugs)

Our proprietary mini-Life Platform includes the award-winning mini-Heart Technology which offers a range of bioengineered human heart constructs, including the world’s first human heart-in-a-jar as healthy and diseased human hearts for testing toxicity and efficacy, enabling us to uniquely model human-specific diseases and discover therapeutic candidates all in the context of human cells, free from species-specific differences.

Certain drugs do not become effective or toxic to the heart until after they become metabolized by the liver.

Revolutionizing Drug Discovery

Capitalizing on our pioneering expertise in pluripotent stem cell biology and bioengineering, we have developed and advanced other mini-Organs such as the liver, gut, lungs as part of the mini-Life Platform. These are linked and driven by our pumping mini-Heart Technology for the most comprehensive human-based screening systems, reducing cost and time, and improving efficacy and accuracy.

mini-Organs Products

mini-Heart Technology & Products: One-stop platform for in vitro cardiac assays

mini-Heart Technology for Disease Modelling and Drug Discovery

Evolution of Our Technology – The World’s First “Heart-in-a-Jar” 1.0 to 4.0


CTScreen and Cartridges Bundle

All-in-one tissue engineering system for true cardiac tissue contractility studies. Our unique system has force measurement, perfusion, electrical stimulation, automated data acquisition and analysis.

CTScreen is designed to assess true cardiac contractility under healthy and disease conditions, and to study drug toxicity and efficacy. The benefits include:

  • Sensitive and reliable predictor of clinical effects of drugs or pathologies on cardiac contractility
  • Custom-designed bioreactor enables tissue fabrication and functional characterization with minimal handling by the user
  • High content measurement of twitch force with user friendly instrumentation
  • Capable of acute (short-term) and chronic (long-term) studies

Examples of CParameters Calculated from Acquired Contractility Data

Cardiac Tissue Strip (CTS)

  • Biomimetic 3D cardiac tissue with integrated force sensitive end-posts
  • Can be constructed using stem cell-derived or primary cardiomyocytes

96 Well μCTS Plate

Experimental Purpose: Monolithic silicone array of 96 wells, each containing 2 posts for tissue fabrication and used to study drug toxicity and efficacy. Standard 96 well polystyrene plate form factor enables high throughput acquisition of engineering cardiac tissue contractility data.